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Prospectus students can apply for one of the following two scholarships :

Dr. Ridore’s scholarship is based academic performance with a 3.5 or higher.

Help Me Too Foundation scholarship is based on needs but must have at least a 2.0 average

Scholarships are awarded only to students attending Cornerstone Christian University. You must have an acceptance letter from the Admissions office before your application can be considered for either one scholarship you’re interested in.

If selected, you will receive a partial scholarship, about half of your tuition, excluding fees. Scholarships are limited due to the overwhelming requests we receive daily. To apply, follow the steps below:

  • Send your acceptance letter from Admission of Cornerstone Christian University
  • Write a-500 word essay (detailing how this scholarship will help you with your academic goals. state how you have achieved your academic status you have now)
  • Send your official transcript (s)
  • Income verification for Help Me Too Foundation only

Send the requested information to

For more information, call the Admissions office: Phone: 407-295-4869

New – Online Combined Bachelor & Master of Arts Degree

Cornerstone Christian University is pleased to announce the new online combined Bachelor & Master of Arts Degree.

All students applying for this program are eligible for our founder scholarships up to 75%.

To learn how a bachelor’s and  master’s degree can be earned at the same time, call us:  407-295-4869 or by email