Degrees offered:

Bachelor of Arts in Christian Psychology and Counseling

Master in Christian Counseling Psychology

Doctor of Christian Psychology and Counseling

Doctor of Psychology in Christian Psychology and  Counseling


Cornerstone Christian University program describe above is offered strictly for religious purpose. Candidates who wish to sit for the state licensure may have to seek other programs elsewhere.  

According to the state licensure, this program will not qualify its constituent for state licensure, not because our curriculum is inferior to the secular program but because we’re not regionally accredited or recognize by APA.

The accreditation in this country, although it’s a voluntary process is exaggeratedly expensive. Thus, our program is offered to those who cannot afford paying $900.00 per credit and who are not interested in state licensure. Christian or biblical counselling can offer almost the same to their clients (with the exception of inept clinical evaluation and medication) under the hospice of a church or Christian counselling centers.