Tuitions and Fees


Tuition discount and  Scholarship are available for new students, call the Admissions Office at: 407-295-4869.


TUITION AND FEES   (Click on the link for details)

* Any candidate who lacks foundational credits, extra foundational classes will be required.

***Graduation fees are due after the completion of the last course. You have not completed your studies until all your financial responsibilities and assignments are met. Absolutely, no exception, no transcript or degree will be released if any outstanding financial obligation is not satisfied. 


Tuition is refunded in full within three (3) business days after the signed agreement, except the application and plus 25% administrative fee if the student attended 25% (one week) of the class.

Refunds will be paid within thirty days. Once a class has gone beyond the 25% or the first week, no refund will be granted.  Should a student decide to drop out or leave for military duties, the student must do so in writing.

All materials obtained from Cornerstone Christian University must be returned as they were received prior to issuing of any refund.

Note: Information presented here replaces all other and previously distributed tuition and subject to change without notice.