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Why reinvent the wheel, looking for CCU to start your own school with our curriculum?

 Branch Campuses

Interested in a branch campus Contact the school office at  407-5714942

          Download the complete application here CCU Branch-extension application

General Information

Branc campus collegiate instruction has expanded rapidly in recent decades, extending access to college and university education to non-traditional populations, students at a distance from the main campus, and others who find it difficult to enroll in courses at residential campuses.

Key Quality Assurance Standards and Classification of Off-campus Locations

All courses which an institution offers for credit at an off-campus location must be part of a registered degree program offered by the Parent  institution and are subject to the same quality standards

USA Extensions 

Branch Extension-Georgia

LHBC School of Theology

  • Warm Spring, GA 31816
  • Contact: Pastor Tracy Neal
  • Telephone: 706-594-1716
  • Programs: Biblical Studies, Ministry, and Theology -Bachelor and Master only programs

Note: For doctoral program, contact the main campus at 407-295-4869

  Branch Campus Maryland

CCU Maryland-Branch Campus

  • Contact Person: Dr. PJ Edmund Sr.
  • Phone: 301-675-6657
  • Program of Study:
  • Diploma in Biblical Studies and Theology Undergraduate programs only

Note: For the graduate program, contact the main campus at 407-295-4869

 CCU International Programs

Touch Life Mission and Leadership Institute

  • 1 Apostolic 
  • Contact: Dr. Diipiri Tikili
  • Telephone: 
  • Email:
  • Programs: Biblical Studies, Ministry, and Theology -Bachelor and Master only programs

Branch Campus-Haiti

  • 33 Clercine 24, Tabarre, Haiti
  • Port-Au-prince, Haïti
  • Contact: Dr. Ted Ridore
  • Telephone: 509 4842-0143/3251/2776/3115-7535
  • Email:

Programs offered: All in French or in English

CCU South Haiti Branch Extension

  • Petit Goâve, 2ème plaine Cuperlier # 7
  • Contact: Pastor Ysmat Stevenson
  • Telephone: 011509- 3860-5075/001509-145-7841
  • E-Mail
  • Programs: Biblical Studies, Ministry, and Theology -Bachelor only in French

 CCU Jamaica Branch Campus

Cornerstone Christian University

  • Spanish Town
  • Contact: Dr. Curven Whyte
  • Telephone: 876 577-8100
  • Programs: Biblical Studies, Ministry, and Theology -Bachelor only

CCU CANADABranch Campus

HOPE Christian Life Center (Bible Institute & Leadership Institute)

  • 211 Consumers Road, Toronto, Ontario
  • Contact: Dr. Eric Kazenga, President
  • Telephone: 1 (647) 924-1017 ext: 101
  • E-Mail Address:  

Programs: Offering Bachelors to Doctorates (Biblical Studies, Ministry, Christian Psychology and Counseling, and Theology, Leadership)