Perspective students desiring to enroll must complete an official application with the office of the Registrar. You can complete your Admission Application online with a credit card. Click on the “Admission Request” form to start the process. Admissions evaluates each applicant individually on a case-by-case basis.

Cornerstone is proud to provide the best quality education to its students. CCU filters the best secular curriculum and the best biblical based curriculum to bring you the very best education possible that for your money. However, CCU is biblically based institution and provides such curriculum, whether it is an accounting, psychology, or business program. This does not mean we drift away from the truth nor do we force our views on the students. This simply means we teach with biblical principles.

Each applicants must submit his/her high school transcript or transcripts of all previous, colleges or universities to the registrar. You can download a transcript request form the download center to send to your school (s). You can also download a Prior Learning Form (for the undergraduate only, prior learning may apply. The download center contains other forms you may need.

Please follow these Steps to Registration



  • Complete the admission request form online via  
  • Two letters of recommendation from the non-family member (preferably from Pastors, teachers, professors, supervisor, or any other with certain influence. give this link to whomever you to recommend you
  • Complete the Privacy right acknowledgment
  • Acknowledgment of statement of beliefs
  • Payment Agreement Authorization
  • An entrance Test may be required for certain students
  • Letter of intent (graduate and post-graduate students only)
  • One clear Photo for ID purpose or if you register in person, we can take a shot for you.


After receiving the application along with other admissions required forms, including the nonrefundable application fee of $50.00, copies of your documents; Admissions will evaluate your applicant for eligibility.


With the result of the evaluation process, we will be able to discuss and establish, together, the best financial alternative for you to pay. Then, we will issue the documents for you to sign, as the final agreement between you and the University.

Initial Fees

If Admissions accepts your admission request, you can make full payment for your program in advance. In the event the applicant is unable to make the full payment, a payment plan is available with a 15% down in US dollar of your selected program tuition. Or you can pay for a course of three credit at a time. Check the tuition page here
After your payment, your adviser will start scheduled you for orientation, and class schedule.

Class Enrollment Payments

Anytime you have to make any payment to Cornerstone Christian University, you can do it online, in person, by mail, or authorize the debit in your/credit card on file.

In Person

You can pay cash, personal check, money order, or Credit Card at our Admissions Office. The Admissions Office is located at our headquarters facility, 3311 N. Powers Drive, RM209, Orlando, Florida, 32818 USA.

By Mail
You can pay by personal check or money order, sending the payment by mail to our Admissions Office P.O. Box 585477, Orlando, FL 32858. The check or money order must be payable in the US Dollars, to Cornerstone Christian University, Inc.

By Credit Card

To complete your application online, use the link below…

Admission Application

To make a make full or monthly, use this link