Key Strengths of Cornerstone Christian University (CCU) Learning Approach:

  1. CCU provides and fosters an academic excellence to men and women through a biblically and intellectually based blended curriculum that empowers them for a brighter future.
  2. CCU filters the best secular and biblical curriculum to bring both a rigorous and challenging academic study which foresters an unparalleled well rounded learning environment filled with knowledge.
  3. CCU programs are not denominational based, thus giving a worldwide view and is adaptable to any organization, mission, or religious affiliation.
  4. CCU classes can be completed on the main campus, at extensions campuses, at distance/online or a combination of any two.
  5. CCU curriculum cultivates such skills & character traits such as, creativity, punctuality, enthusiasm, honesty, humor, leadership, communication, and many others.
  6. Most CCU programs can be completed in either English or French.
  7. CCUs tuition is very affordable, and we also have a payment structure that fits into any family budget.
  8. All CCU professors hold doctorate level degrees in their respective fields and have long term experience in their teaching career.
  9. CCU carefully evaluates prospective student’s transcripts and pass experience to issue Prior Learning credits.
  10. CCU professors have the following qualities that helps to build and bring out student’s potential:
  • A positive attitude towards study. …
  • A passion for the chosen course subject. …
  • An ability to think and work independently. …
  • An ability to persevere and complete tasks. …
  • An inquiring mind. …
  • Good logical reasoning. …
  • Good written English.

With over 16,000+ graduates worldwide and over 19 years of established, respected, and proven excellence in academia, we invite you to enroll and join the intellectual legacy of CCU by enrolling in one of our free online courses.  These courses are designed to stimulate your intellectual and spiritual appetite. Please click Here to contact us and let us know you’re interested. 

Again, CCU strongly believes and understands the challenges of 21st Century higher education. This is why our Curriculum Department takes care in designing its curriculum from both biblical and secular viewpoints to bring our students a well-rounded education that addresses the biblical as well as the secular world. This approach will equip our graduates to face the challenges in the world that they will face in the future as leaders.

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