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Master of Arts in Christian Music  History & Literature Curriculum (46 credits)

The Master of Arts (M.A.) in Christian music is designed for qualified graduate students with a Bachelor’s degree in music or experienced seeking a professional academic degree that culminates with a final thesis research.  The program is 46 and the cost per credit is $248.00.

Required Text

1. Course: Introduction to Historical Musicology (4 credits)

Course#: MUH 524

Textbook: Musicology: The Key Concepts (Routledge Key Guides) [Paperback] (Author), Kenneth Gloag (Author)

Course Description: This course gives the student an understanding of Musicology, and Key Concepts that provide a vital reference e for students of contemporary musicology.  

2.Course: Music History                 (4 credits)

Course#: MUH554

Textbook: The Cambridge History of Western Music Theory (Paperback, 2006) by Thomas Christensen

Course Description: This course gives students a comprehensive history of  Western music theory 

3. Course: Introduction to Ethnomusicology  (4 credits)

Course #: MUH 564

Textbook: The Study of Ethnomusicology: THIRTY-ONE ISSUES AND CONCEPTS [Paperback][Bruno Nettl]

Course Description

This course looks at the field of ethnomusicology – defined as the study of the world’s musics from a comparative perspective, and the study of all music from an anthropological perspective – as a field of research, and the thirty-one concepts and issues that have been the subjects of continuing debate by ethnomusicologists.

4. Course: Research and Bibliography  (4 credits)

Course#: MUS 624

Textbook: Christoph Willibald Gluck: A Guide to Research (Routledge Music Bibliographies) [Hardcover]

Course Description: This course gives students insight into Routledge Music bibliographies and ties together the different writings of Christoph Willibald Gluck providing faster access to the information on his life and work.

5. Course: Graduate Composition (4 credits)

Course#: MUS 644

Textbook: Introduction to Research in Music [Paperback]

Richard J. Wingell (Author), Silvia Herzog (Author

Course Description: Designed to show what research and writing skills can do for any musician,   and features a discussion of musical research, bibliographic tools, guides to print and electronic resources for research.

6. Course: Composition of Electronic  (4 credits)

Course#: MUC654

Textbook: Introduction to the Creation of Electroacoustic Music [Paperback] by Samuel Pellman

Course Description: This course aims to be accessible to students relatively inexperienced with electronic musical technology, while also sufficiently detailed for technical and musical achievement. Furthermore, it stresses the notion that, despite all the attention given to technique, the principal goal is musical expression.

7. Course: Music Pedagogy & Theory (4 credits)

Course#: MUT 664

Textbook: The Musician’s Guide to Theory and Analysis [Hardcover] by  Elizabeth West Marvin

Course Description: This course guides the students in understanding of Theory and Analysis,  teaches the skills  of complete musicianship, integrating theory and analysis in one comprehensive pedagogical program.

8.   MUS699 Final Performance Project (7 credits)

Student will select their own final performance project and thesis.  The thesis should be derived from the performance project.  It is to be a creative performance and written project.   All students are required to record a DVD of their performance to be submitted along with their thesis

Final Projects:

9.   MUS700 Final Thesis Research Project  (7 credits)

All graduate students pay a Final Performance & Thesis Review fee of $350.00 with their final project and thesis. 

Total credits required: 45

Cost: $248.00 per credit