Doctor of Missiology

The purpose Doctor of Missiology and Anthropology Program Curriculum (D.MISS/ANT) program is to provide the candidate with and advanced competencies and methodology insights through the preparation and case studies for those actively involved in professional and vocational of Intercultural Studies and Christian Assistance and Development. Cornerstone focuses on the practical knowledge and understanding rather the actual degree itself. For this purpose, CCU’s requirements and standards are higher than most peer schools without any additional work or cost the student. There two types of doctorates to choose from:

How does the program work?

One of two directions can be taken to complete this program:

1. Dissertation Research: With the project phase, the degree is completed in approximately two and half to three years.

2. Project Research. With the project phase, the degree is completed in approximately three-four years.

How does the program work?

• Equip you with Intercultural Studies resources in a practical dimension

• Provide you with the ability to convey the message of truth in missiology

• Enable you to teach and train missionaries and plant churches

• Train you for leadership in Christian compassion ministry agencies

• Prepare you to work with projects around the world

There some basic criteria that outline eligibility:

1. Academic: A candidate must have a Master degree in an appropriate theological or missiological discipline from an acceptable school with a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

(If insufficient background in biblical, theological or missiological disciplines exists, participants may be required to take 15-30 credits of foundation courses.)

2. Experience: A candidate must have at least two years of appropriate intercultural ministry (pastoring, Evangelize, Missiology)

3. English: No TOEFL score is required but the candidate must be able to handle higher level academic responsibility

4. Writing: submission and approval of a writing sample that demonstrates graduate-level research skills

5. Technology: The candidate must have acceptable computer and internet competencies

The candidates who don’t have a prior discipline oriented degree or lack of biblical foundation will be required to take some additional biblical foundational courses to substantiate the lacking. If the lacking is minimal, we’ll do our best to incorporate some require courses to fill any deficiency.

From the start of your first course up to your graduation you’ll know your interest, perception, and desire are biblically challenged and intellectually stimulated; and you’ll be humbly proud of your Biblical, intellectual knowledge and of the caliber of such a highly respected two/three letters DR/PHD behind your name.

The Doctor of Missiology Program explores how globalization, Intercultural Studies and Christian Assistance are changing the Christian world and practice, as well as building intercultural skills in Missiology practice, teamwork, integrative analysis, and oral and written communication. Recognizing that today’s intellectual and biblical students need flexibility, students have various options for accelerating CCU 48-78 credit hours program.

Contextually speaking, individuals graduated from the Doctor of Missiology Program will be prepared to:

  • Demonstrate an advanced understanding and integration of Biblical and missiological concept and teaching with a biblical perspective, academic, moral, and ethical discipline.
  • Articulate and apply a comprehensive and critical philosophy of Biblical and missiological ministry.
  • Demonstrate advanced competencies in the areas of critical thinking, Research and Writing, Teaching, Ethics, Communication; Lesson planning/Educational missiology, and Strategic planning.
  • Plan, implement, and critically evaluate major undertakings in missiological development toward the fulfillment of the Great Commission through Biblical and Intercultural Studies professionalism.

Doctor of Missiology Program

There are four basic criteria that define eligibility for the program:

1. Degree: an accredited M.Div. or its equivalent (72 graduate hours within certain broad distribution requirements).

2. Grades: a minimum cumulative GPA in accredited graduate study of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale

3. Experience: at least three years of full-time ministry following completion of the first professional master’s degree

4. Vocation: currently involved in full-time ministry context (e.g., pastor, missionary, teacher, denominational or para-church leader, chaplain, evangelist, counselor, etc.)

These requirements must meet by all candidates:

  • Must have evidence of a believer
  • be capable of handling higher academic responsibilities
  • be spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically suited for missiological service
  • hold a master’s degree or its equivalent from an approved university
  • Must submit an official Application and $50.00 application fee
  • Must submit Official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended, with degree(s) posted.
  • Must submit a Ministerial Recommendation
  • Must submit an Academic Recommendation
  • A letter of intent in brief autobiography (3-5 pages) with ministerial and vocational goals
  • Submit a passport Photo

Follow this link to download the program here Bachelor of Arts in Missiology or Anthropology

Follow this link to download the program here Master of Arts in Missiology and Anthropology

Follow this link to download the program here PHD in Missiology and Anthropology