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  • Complete your Admission Forms.
  • Submit your non-refundable Enrollment/Application Fee ($50).
  • Complete the Enrollment Process by Submitting your required supporting docs.
  • Receive your Acceptance Letter and begin investing in your ministry training education
  • Submit your deposit once your admission is approved.
  • Complete a short orientation online or on campus
  • Attend our memorable yearly onsite graduation and meet your colleagues and friends.

Cornerstone Christian University provides quality, academically challenge biblical education. Our tuition is affordable and we provide our student flexible  payment method to meet their financial needs.

Our goal is to ensure that our students are not overwhelmed financially when they complete their programs. Click on the cup below to see our tuition.



NO Tuition Refund.

  1. Tuition is refunded in full within three (3) business days after the signed agreement, except the application fee and plus 10% administrative fee. Absolute not refund after three (3) days.
  2. Should a student decide to drop out or leave for military duties; the student must do so in writing within that three (3) days grace period. All materials obtained from Cornerstone Christian University must be returned as they were received prior to issuing of any refund.
  3. Furthermore, If a student paid in full upfront but never completed their studies, and nevcer completed the official drop out/withdraw form, he/she can only be allowed one full year under that tuition. All other option is to start from scratch and pay new tuition. No refund will be issued, except under #1 above.

All materials obtained from Cornerstone Christian University must be returned as they were received prior to issuing of any refund.

Cornerstone Christian University offers accelerated and biblically based education for individuals who need or prefer an off-campus educational alternative to a traditional or more collegiate-oriented theological degree program. Degrees offered by CCU are strictly religious in nature and are not intended for advancement in employment, with the public sector or the government.

Although the degree programs of this University are biblically based, a degree holder is not restricted as to where he/she can use it. CCU makes no claims, implied or otherwise, that our educational programs, courses, or curricula are the same as offered by secular state colleges and universities. CCU desires to remain separate from any government-regulated  curriculum,  thereby  maintaining  our  religious  prerogatives,  freedom  to compose courses and design degree programs that are in accordance with our Biblical convictions and beliefs

Note: Information presented here replaces all other and previously distributed tuition and subject to change without notice.